Compression moulding for rubber | GBL

We draw on the most advanced compression-moulding systems to help you obtain quality components that improve the efficiency of your processes and products.

Seals and gaskets for high temperatures

Choosing a gasket with the right level of resistance to heat is the first step in obtaining efficient and safe systems, which can optimise performance; find out how GB products can help you.

Hydraulic gaskets: products and materials

Hydraulic gaskets: products and materials The field of hydraulic gaskets appears to be stable and devoid of innovation, but is this really the case? As those within the sector know all too well, the majority of hydraulic gaskets are developed in rubber. Furthermore, in terms of application, gaskets – for example for hydraulic cylinders – […]

Thermoplastic moulds: design and construction

Thermoplastic moulds: design and construction | GBL If your company needs moulds for thermoplastics, we at GBS have just what you need. You can count on our almost 40 years’ experience in the production of moulds for plastic and rubber materials. 90% of our moulds are designed from scratch on the basis of client requirements. […]

The new IMG GUM 200H press in the machine inventory | GBL

The new IMG GUM 200H press in the GBL machine inventory We promised that 2023 would have begun with crucial and significant investments in our machine inventory. At GBL we have evolved, and we continue to grow, also through investments in production infrastructure. We are convinced that this is the only way for us to […]

Rubber hydraulic seals: types, materials and production

Rubber hydraulic seals: types, materials and production At GBL we have been manufacturing rubber hydraulic seals for over 40 years. This is why we are fully aware of the characteristics that are essential for a quality production process for one of the most widely used items for sealing in terms of sector and use.   […]

Presentation new logos

Many small steps have made us grow during our 46 years of life.Skills, renewed machinery, and a new company layout keep us in step with times. In this continuous renewal we have also thought about our image, and we have taken a small step in this area too. We are pleased to present you our […]

Renewal of the sorting and quality control departments

NEWS In 2022, a process of renewal of the internal departments began. The first step concerning the sorting department was completed, where the location and sorting stations were renovated, now equipped with a terminal connected to the company quality management system. A new space has been set up for process quality control with a more […]

The way to the innovation

NEWS Investments for the expansion and updating of our machines park are going on. We present the first new entry of 2022, a 230 Ton compression press with vacuum chamber.