GBL and UDOR: working together for Seal Force

The company Udor S.p.A. is a Reggio-Emilia-based company vertically specialised in the design and marketing of diaphragm and plunger pumps. The GBL brand, part of the GB Group, offers consolidated know-how for the production of hydraulic and fluid-power seals in rubber, rubberised fabric and thermoplastic materials.

What do these two companies have in common? One clear factor is their drive for innovation, which has led the two companies into a successful partnership and a joint, cutting-edge project, founded on research into customised solutions for the Car-Wash sector.

Focused since its founding on offering highly customised solutions, Udor proposed an interesting challenge for the technicians at GBL, who responded by drawing on the made-in-Italy skill that they are known for. The result is the brand-new Chemwall gasket, made from a dedicated composite material called Seal Force, an essential and differentiating element in the BCW Pump by Udor, a revolution in the Car-Wash market.

It is a highly efficient component, made to measure, first and foremost in terms of the materials it is made with. An excellent example of how Italian engineering can be used to define new standards of quality.


What is Udor, and what is its mission?

Founded in 1966, Udor designs, manufactures and markets two types of pump; diaphragm and plunger, which are used in fire-fighting systems, the construction sector, for agricultural weeding, disinfection, hydrodemolition, mining, the oil & gas sector, street cleaning, inverse osmosis systems and also in the car-wash sector.

These pumps play a fundamental role in this particular sector, which requires the utmost precision, reliability and durability of every piece of equipment. The joint efforts of the Udor and GBL R&D departments have been focused on maximising the performance of car-wash systems, creating a solution to exceed the expectations of clients in the sector.


Operational continuity as a key factor in the car-wash sector

For the car-wash sector, operational continuity is a crucial aspect. This is why products and components used must be able to guarantee a long life cycle, as well as easy maintenance and high resistance to deterioration, to external stress and to wear.

In order to guarantee companies making systems for the car-wash sector excellent operational performance and superior quality, Udor has chosen to work with the technicians from GBL, with the aim of rendering its innovative BCW Pump a revolutionary and hard-to-copy example of technology, first and foremost thanks to its components.

The main factor that allows this machine to offer unique levels of performance is the Chemwall gasket, the product that GBL has enthusiastically created in response to the challenge set by Udor. It embodies all the characteristics that are essential for offering constant performance over time, continuity and excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals.

What is the secret of this gasket? The 100% original Seal Force composite compound, never-before seen on the market and created specifically to resolve the particular problems faced by this application.


Seal Force: gasket performance as a key element

The fact that the BCW Pump can contribute to making a difference in the Car-Wash sector is thanks to the gaskets made with Seal Force, the result of efficient R&D carried out by the GBL technicians in close and constant collaboration with the Udor technical department.

The research focused on the specific problems posed by the particular context in which pumps for car washes are required to operate, and consequently the gaskets involved, which are typically subjected to constant external stress. Contact with chemical substances and detergents with particularly corrosive alkaline pH can, in fact, lead to significant damage and deformation of gaskets, resulting in system leaks and even the failure of the pumps themselves. It is a particularly high-risk situation for sector businesses, leading to expensive downtime and complex maintenance works.

The task for the qualified technicians at GBL was, therefore, to identify a new composite compound that responds to the specific demands of the BCW pump. By carrying out an in-depth analysis of potential construction materials and their chemical-physical properties, we have come up with an effective proposal, identifying a perfect combination of raw materials that can even resist in such a complex area of use.

The result is the Chemwall range of gaskets, designed to allow the Udor-brand pump to maintain its performance over time and also keep maintenance to a minimum.

An essential factor in the identification of this tailor-made solution was the extreme flexibility of the GBL research and development department, combined with the active sharing of analyses, progress and results with Udor technicians, who were also focused on identifying definitive solutions for car-wash systems.


GBL gaskets made to design: the utmost in personalisation

Since it was founded as part of the solid GB Group, GBL has always presented itself to potential clients not simply as a seal supplier, but as a partner for the most innovative companies, interested in creating tailor-made solutions to their requirements.

Its services accompany clients from the design phase right through to the creation

of the mould and of the customised gasket, with particular focus on identifying innovative raw materials created with the best elastomers, thermoplastic materials and rubberised fabrics.

GBL quality and operational versatility is guaranteed by a technologically advanced and diversified machine inventory, which includes vertical and horizontal presses of varying tonnage, equipped with injection, compression or injection-compression systems. This is all backed up by a range of tools for the finishing of components that allow the most specific order requirements to be respected. A qualified and constantly updated team and monitoring systems that follow the entire production process offer constant quality that is certified by the most stringent control systems.

A high-performance setup, which guarantees the utmost capacity for adapting to the needs of clients, and the effective customisation of all solutions to the particular installation requirements and the end application of seals.


The collaboration between Udor and GBL is a case study that we are particularly proud of.
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