Rubber scrapers: for hydraulic shafts and cylinders

Hydraulic and oleodynamic cylinders are essential components for all types of machinery that require the transformation of hydraulic power into mechanical energy. The wide range of applications of these elements mean that they are used in the widest possible range of applications, even in the most challenging of situations.

For example, it is not unusual for hydraulic shafts and cylinders to be used in environments characterised by the presence of debris, dust and adverse atmospheric conditions, all factors that can potentially compromise the correct functioning of the hydraulic system. So-called scrapers, also known as dust protectors or protection seals, are used to safeguard them.

These components protect the parts of the hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and prolong their lifespan.


Functions of scrapers for hydraulic cylinders

Scrapers are fitted to the outside of the cylinder head and basically serve to scrape off any foreign particles on the piston shaft before it retracts. These may be molecules of dirt, dust or other undesirable objects that may contaminate the hydraulic fluid and cause serious damage to the internal components of the equipment.

The scraper and the shaft are in constant contact, both when the hydraulic parts are stationary and when they are moving, and these components play a fundamental role in stopping moisture from entering the system. This is why it is essential that the scraper fits tightly in position.

The experience of GBL in the design and production of quality seals allows us to offer companies high-performance and made-to-measure scrapers that are the result of GBL research to identify the solutions best suited to the most specific demands of the client.


GBL rubber scrapers: tailor-made materials

GBL is focused on producing hydraulic and oleodynamic seals made from a range of materials, such as rubber, rubberised fabric and thermoplastic materials. Advanced techniques for the compression moulding of rubber allow us to obtain a range of product categories, such as collars and scrapers.

Furthermore, our constant research and development has allowed us to create a totally customised polyurethane, which we have called Desmoblend. Field tests have confirmed that this material is ideal for the manufacturing of scrapers for hydraulic cylinders thanks to its performance in the most challenging operating environments.

We created Desmoblend on the basis of thermoplastic polyurethane with specific characteristics in terms of hardness, density, load capacity, elongation to breaking point, elasticity and resistance to tearing.

Extensive experimentation and treatments resulted in a raw material that is perfectly in line with the requirements of hydraulic and oleodynamic systems and with the properties required of scrapers.


Characteristics and requirements of scraper rings for shafts

All the construction materials selected need to be able to provide scrapers with certain specific characteristics, such as:

  • exceptional resistance to wear.
  • a perfectly tight seal.
  • low friction.
  • resistance to different forms of external stress from chemical, mechanical and physical sources (for example contact with acids, high pressure or extreme temperatures).
  • customisation in terms of design and raw materials to adapt the components to real applications.
  • easy installation and facilitated maintenance.


Why choose GBL for your rubber scrapers?

At GBL, we produce quality seals for high- and low-pressure hydraulic and oleodynamic applications, working in synergy with our partner GB, which has been making industrial gaskets by design since 1976.

Our clients have access to the skills of our qualified technicians, who are able to identify solutions that can be practically applied to the industrial sector. Furthermore, we offer a machine inventory that can carry out injection and compression moulding, as well as finish the products and carry out accurate testing.

Our production processes are based on the concepts of efficiency and sustainability and we have chosen to adhere to the strictest quality management systems, obtaining UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certification.

We can identify made-to-measure and high-performance solutions for the most varied range of applications, from the chemical to the automotive sector, from hydraulic pumps to the food production sector.

Do you need scrapers for your hydraulic shafts and cylinders that are fully in line with your needs? Contact us, and we can start to work together on your project!