Seals for hydraulic pistons, available from catalogue or made to measure

Machines that use hydraulic or fluid-power pistons are all driven by a system based on the use of specific oils or fluids. Avoiding the leakage of these fluids when the piston is activated is therefore fundamental and is achieved through the use of dedicated gaskets for hydraulic pistons.

The aim of these components is to protect the machine on which they are used and allow them to work in a fluid an uninterrupted manner. The manufacturing quality of these seals is therefore essential in order to maximise the safety and productivity of industries operating in a range of sectors, such as food, automotive and chemical, as well as in the earth-moving machine, hydraulic pump and dosage device sectors.

GBL’s speciality is focused on the production of high and low pressure hydraulic and fluid-power gaskets made from resistant and certified materials. In order to be able to offer a catalogue that efficiently responds to your demands, we constantly invest in our human resources, in the industrialisation of processes and in the functional organisation of our workflows.


What are the types of gasket most suited to your project, and how can we increase your performance?


Characteristics and types of gasket

Gaskets for hydraulic and fluid-power pistons are subdivided into two main types, on the basis of the direction of pressure that is generated inside the cylinder on which they are fitted. There are, in fact, both single effect and double effect gaskets.


Furthermore, in order for a gasket to function and guarantee valid results, it is essential that it:

  • adapts in a flexible manner to the surface on which it is installed.
  • is made with materials that are elastic and resistant to deformation.
  • does not deteriorate, even when subjected to elevated pressure, extreme temperature or contact with corrosive liquids.
  • is non-toxic, when used in the food or medical sector.
  • guarantees excellent tightness and prevents all leaks.
  • is made from materials that can guarantee low friction, even when subject to high pressure.


Production of GBL seals for hydraulic pistons

The GBL brand is the most recent addition to the GB S.r.l. Group and brings together the company’s know-how, focusing it on the production of hydraulic and fluid-power seals. In the midst of the highly active Bergamo industrial rubber district, GBL draws on consolidated skills and also benefits from the possibility to work in harmony with the other group companies, i.e., GB and GBS.


Our machine inventory is characterised by an extremely advanced level of technology, which allows for the production of a wide and diversified range of products. Thanks to the production solutions that we have adopted and perfected over the years, we are able to guarantee full satisfaction of client requests and an elevated level of project personalisation.


We have modern moulding machinery, such as both vertical and horizontal presses in a range of tonnage, which can function through injection, compression or injection-compression. Thanks to our production capacity, we are able to create articles in rubber or thermoplastic materials in a full range of sizes, from 500 to 1200 mm, as well as to finish each product in order to customise it in accordance with client requests.


Personalise sealing rings for hydraulic pistons

GBL offers personalisation in terms of both design and materials. We are able to supply standard products from the catalogue (UNI standard gaskets), and also to create fully personalised products to design in accordance with client requests.


We are one of the few companies in the sector to collaborate with long-term international clients that have customised moulds (for example with their own logo) and that want completely original seals for their hydraulic pistons.


Our experience also allows us to focus on the creation of the most suitable material for each production purpose. All the raw materials that enter our processes come from Italian or European suppliers with whom we have long-term relations and that have specific quality certification.


This allows us to focus on our internal processes for working, combining and transforming materials, aimed at obtaining products that fully respect the essential requirements of the client.


In order to create the tailor-made response to your requirements, we can draw on a number of materials, such as:

  • elastomers such as ACM, EPDM, FKM, VMQ, FVMQ , CR, HNBR, NBR, NBR-PVC, SBR, NR, AU.
  • thermoplastics such as ABS, PA6, PA6.6, PA6.6 FG, PBT, PC, POM, TPE, TPU.
  • a range of materials reinforced with fabric fibres, such as cotton, nylon or aramid fibres (for gaskets that work at high pressure).


On the basis of the most advanced and malleable techniques, we can also develop new and high-performance material blends, formulated to offer the most stable and efficient seals to integrate into your machinery, achieving excellent sealing standards.


Our company is certified in accordance with IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 regulations and can guarantee respect for the strictest quality specifications, from the design phase to the final check of finished products.

Contact us to discuss your project; we are committed to becoming your most reliable point of reference!