Sustainable goals and new logos; the GB Group Convention

As part of the GB Group, we at GBL shared the event presenting the new company image and goals with our colleagues from GB. 

Seeing the grand GBL family come together was an extremely emotional moment, which was surpassed only by the vision of the future that we will be writing together.


Our employees are our most precious resource; this is why, this Christmas, we decided to make them the focus of a Convention that saw moments of fun combined with reflections on the new GB Group strategy.


It was an opportunity to present the new strategic plan that will accompany us through years of change, and which will see us, at GBL, playing a role.

Moving towards a sustainable future with precise goals

We were the most recent addition to the GB Group, but since then we have had a fist-hand experience of the evolution in our sector, in our competitors and in client demands.

In order to continue to do – and to improve on – what we have always done well, in the words of the director Carlo Marchini, “the world is calling on us to change”.

And we will change, with a great sense of responsibility towards the future; the future of our employees, of the generations to come, and of our planet. We are moving in this direction with investments in infrastructure, machinery, market research and analysis, with the sole aim of rendering the company an example of environmental sustainability.


However, embracing change, and evolving, both as a company and a Group, calls for a new formula. This is what has led to the evolution of the company image that we presented during the Convention.

The new GBL; company logos and image

The profound changes that our Group is facing need to be expressed in a new and unique manner. The new company image represents the desire to move forward in a strong and fearless manner, together with the other companies in the GB Group.


Why a new logo? Because, together with GB, we understood that the time had come for a new manifesto, a new image to present to our clients, competitors and employees.


Changing and revolutionising the company image is a courageous move that we are proud to share with those who, under this new image, give their utmost every day.

Company vision, family values

The members of the GB Group have much in common, yet GB and GBL are separate entities, each with its own particularities.


One thing that remains unchanged is the importance that we place in our values. It is these that allow us to see the Group as one great family, which focuses on sharing, collaboration and respect. 


Here is a selection of images and videos from the event, showing moments of fun, laughter and emotion.

It will be a 2023 full of challenges; we will play our part in writing the new chapters of the story.