The new IMG GUM 200H press in the GBL machine inventory

We promised that 2023 would have begun with crucial and significant investments in our machine inventory. At GBL we have evolved, and we continue to grow, also through investments in production infrastructure. We are convinced that this is the only way for us to remain competitive, maintain excellent quality standards and satisfy our clients.

It is in light of this drive for improvement – and increase in environmental sustainability – that we have decided to equip our plant with a new press made by IMG (Industrie Meccaniche Generali), a Brescia-based Italian leader in the production of presses for the injection moulding of rubber.

IMG GUM 200H: excellence in the field of elastomers

The new press is already operative, ready to respond to the constant increase in demand for technical items and seals made to design for the world of hydraulics.

The GUM series from IMG offers extremely high-performance and quality presses made entirely in Italy and manufactured just a short distance away from the famous Bergamo “Rubber District”.

The main characteristic of this press is the hydroblock clamping system with four struts and a high-pressure cylinder. The other technical specifications – details of which can be found on the IMG website – are those of an excellent machine that was chosen by our operators from a wide selection of international brands.

Just as important as its performance, the press is also sustainable; the latest-generation hydraulic system with a servomotor on the inverter-driven pump guarantees excellent energy savings.

Optimised production and consumption through careful investment

At GBL, we have been designing and manufacturing gaskets and both hydraulic and fluid-power seals in rubber, rubberised fabric and thermoplastic materials for more than 14 years. The last two decades have seen profound changes in the market and in our environment.

We are convinced that the machine inventory needs to be fluid, following the evolution of the sector and the demands that all the stakeholders involved in our business make on a daily basis.
This is why we pay particular attention when choosing new machinery both to the needs of our clients and to the demands of the planet.

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