Thermoplastic moulds: design and construction | GBL

If your company needs moulds for thermoplastics, we at GBS have just what you need. You can count on our almost 40 years’ experience in the production of moulds for plastic and rubber materials. 90% of our moulds are designed from scratch on the basis of client requirements.

The moulds available for commissioning include:

  • compression moulds
  • injection moulds
  • injection-compression moulds
  • injection moulds with thermoregulated channels
  • transfer moulds

GBS moulds can be used to make technical items in rubber and thermoplastic materials, O-rings, rubber and metal items and products made to design. As well as rubber moulds – our core business – over the years we have developed a vast range of solutions for moulds for thermoplastic materials.

Do you need to produce a thermoplastic gasket, or similar technical items?

This is the GBS construction process for thermoplastic moulds – and this is why you can rely on the result.

Thermoplastic moulds: stages of production

With regards to thermoplastic moulds, the typical situation is as follows; the client needs to be able to produce a moulded item, and therefore needs a high-performance dedicated mould. Clients usually come to us with a sample product, a technical drawing, a mathematical model or specifications.

The design of the object to be moulded is therefore completely down to the client’s desires and is conducted by the client themselves. The mould is adapted to the demands of production!

The stages that we handle directly are:

  • handling of the design by our technical CAD/CAM 3 department
  • creation of the mould design
  • creation of the pilot mould
  • testing of the mould

Mould design: a CAD/CAM 3 department you can rely on

At GBS, the technical department that handles the development of a mould that is perfectly suited to your product is in house. Our designers work to develop a mould that makes production fast and efficient.

In this phase, it may be necessary to discuss and exchange information with the end client. The aim is to make sure that all the demands have been respected – even those that were not taken into consideration when designing the product itself.

And if discussions are not enough to guarantee perfect results? Our solution is the pilot mould.

Processing and construction of the pilot thermoplastic mould

For more complex projects, a hands-on approach is needed, being able to see the mould in action in order to be sure that it responds to all the technical manufacturing demands.

Using the pilot mould, we carry out test moulds for you, so that you can make sure that the product is properly suited to its purpose and does not have weaknesses.

The mould design is then confirmed, modified or reviewed, and the definitive mould is made.

Testing and consignment of thermoplastic moulds; a guaranteed product

If required, or necessary, due to the complexity of the mould, GBS allows you to carry out third-party tests of the mould produced.

This serves as further confirmation that the product functions correctly. The technical team tests and verifies all the moulds before they leave our factory.

Once verified, the mould is delivered to the company.


Our team remains on hand for all after-sales support and for both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. In the event of future wear – which can occur even with high-quality steel moulds – you can rely on us for support and repairs.

GBS for your thermoplastic moulds

For the production of your thermoplastic moulds, at GBS you can rely on a constant focus on new technology and the ongoing acquisition of latest-generation instruments and software.

Our plant in Adrara San Martino offers you all-round project management, from the technical design to production and testing. The result is quality moulds guaranteed by UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certification – efficient and durable.

Do you need a mould for thermoplastics? Contact us and tell us about your idea; we can make the right mould for your end product.